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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently did his second reddit AMA, during which he invited those participating to ask him "some crazy questions." Most of the questions are not crazy ("Of all the things you…   Read Story »
Haha, this Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster is very good. Who knew the franchise had so much more art to give? -/Film New Girl's season finale is on tonight! To pre-celebrate, why not read AV…   Read Story »
The Wolverine direct James Mangold has been tweeting some behind-the-scenes photos from the film's shoot. Would you like to look at them? Some of them are pretty, and some of them just look like…   Read Story »
Arnold was right, this Christmas party is VERY special! What a treat it must have been for the children to have bizarre celebrities and ancient champion bowlers scream an off-kilter Christmas carol…   Read Story »
Here is a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger picking his nose, because when we get knocked down we pick ourselves right back up again! Nice try, Hurricane FAIL. Look at this guy! He's really going for…   Read Story »
What are you looking at, you're probably wondering? Uhhh it's only the leaked blueprints for Avatar Land, the Avatar-themed Disney amusement park R U SERIOUS?!?!? -SlashFilm The world we live in is…   Read Story »
Ah'll be old! HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH. I'm just kidding you, buddy! Have a great day today!   Read Story »
Looks like everyone bought those industrial stockpiles of cold mud for nothing. Back to work! (Via Neatorama.)   Read Story »
Obviously the number one things that happened this week were how awful that Nike video was, which we are all still so upset about, oh my goodness, we cannot forget about it, and then also the…   Read Story »
Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: how's it going? Gabe: did you have fun last night at the videogum birthday party? Kelly: It's going well! I did have fun last night at the Videogum birthday…   Read Story »