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OH BOY! April Fools' Day has just begun and there are already so many "fun" April Fools' pranks all over the Internet that I think we can all just go home and be done with it. Call it a day! WE DID…   Read Story »
Hahaha. Yikes! Pranks are the worst, always. They are mean-spirited and rude and they almost always play on the simple fact that someone else cares enough about you in some way or another to actually…   Read Story »
Ugh, pranks. They're the worst! For one thing, they are rude and mean-spirited and they play on people's natural tendencies towards decency and trust, not to mention the innate human desire for…   Read Story »
I don't get it. Is the joke that usually Improv Everywhere interferes with the day-to-day lives of normal people who are just trying to go about their business in order to make their "art," which is…   Read Story »