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"Hey guys! I'm on my way, can't wait to see you." -- 2012 (Via EpicPonyz.)   Read Story »
There is absolutely nothing new or interesting about this report on the Antoine Dodson meme from this morning's episode of the Today Show. I'm simply posting it for the historical record as the day…   Read Story »
Hey guys, I just wanted to give everyone a quick, friendly reminder about tattoos: they are forever. Yeah. I know that in our hectic modern world of SEXTING and Razr Scooters that it can be pretty…   Read Story »
I've got mixed feelings about the Antoine Dodson meme, and have had since the beginning. It's just hard to understand the motives of the original news team in including him in their report, and it's…   Read Story »
Last week, a local news report about a potential rape featuring an effeminate black man giving an on-air sassy retort to the would-be attacker became our generation's Double Rainbow Guy. The video…   Read Story »