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Many of you have probably been following the Chick-Fil-A news lately, but for those of you who have always been kind of annoyed at the presumptuous way in which a blog will just breathlessly launch…   Read Story »
Are we still doing this? Is this still a thing? Please advise.   Read Story »
Seriously, though, for real, ain't nobody got time for bronchitis. Back off. Hiding in a barbecue scent like some kind of creep. No! We all have shit to do, bronchitis. Can I live? (Via…   Read Story »
Antoine Dodson was arrested over the weekend on charges of marijuana possession, and Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail. Smooth criminals or THE SMOOTHEST criminals?! Stay in school, you…   Read Story »
You may have seen a "movie trailer" going around yesterday featuring Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow Guy, Numa Numa guy, and others (although hey, guess what, it turns out there are not a ton of…   Read Story »
Enough already with all of it, world, just END.   Read Story »
Really, troopers? Still wondering whether or not she was drunk? How's the wondering going on that? Probably got all your best men working to crack the case wide open. "I want you to call in Detective…   Read Story »
Oh boy. Here we go. You know what? NO COMMENT. That is your job for once. You be the blog. What is the dog thinking? What is ANYONE thinking?! Winner will receive special placement in this week's…   Read Story »
"What are you supposed to be?" "I'm supposed to be an impoverished black man living in the projects talking about the attempted rape of his sister." "That is hilarious."   Read Story »