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According to this blog post, Anthony Bourdain promised David Simon a cronut in return for appearing on his guest-hosted episode of Piers Morgan, but then renegged on the cronut. Yikes. WE WILL…   Read Story »
The food and restaurant news blog Eater launched a YouTube channel today. More like YumTube right LOL right?   Read Story »
Funny or Die released the poster (a few days ago) (I'm sorry!) for their upcoming Steve Jobs movie, iSteve. You can read about it here! The movie, not the poster! The poster is just normal.…   Read Story »
Is Louis C.K. OUR Gogol? -TheNewYorker Old People Read Rob Delaney's Tweets -TastefullyOffensive The Nicolas Cage Awards -CollegeHumor Chuck Norris Tattoos Kick A**…   Read Story »
Photos of new Hanksy art emerged online over the weekend. Here's one of the pieces, Bradley Pooper! -TomHanksy Your 2013 Super Bowl Movie Spot Roundup -FilmDrunk Beyoncé's 'Sloppy Swish'…   Read Story »
Betty White Turns 91 (Happy birthday Betty!) And Is Still The Cutest Person On The Planet! Here Are 25 Pics To Prove It (Pictured: Betty with her wax statue at Madame Tussaud's) -BestWeekEver Why…   Read Story »
Anne Hathaway had a wardrobe malfunction at The Critics' Choice Awards, but luckily JGL was there with one of his hitrecord pins to save the day. HOW CONVENIENT! -HitRecordJoe From The Vault: The…   Read Story »
Checking In With Gary Busey In One Red Carpet Photograph: Yep, still Gary Busey! -BuzzFeedCeleb Jay-Z vs. Jay Gatsby: Similarities Between Rapper And The Great Gatsby -TheDailyBeast Jimmy Kimmel…   Read Story »
"Come, they told me, to legalize weed." -The Stanford University Marching Band 'Legalize Weed Drummer Boy' -BuzzFeedSports Anthony Bourdain live-tweeted an episode of iCarly, wich is the closest I…   Read Story »
I'm not sure I can do much better than the original caption so I'm just going to give it to you: "Bumped into Martha Stewart Back Stage Macaroni Martha" MACARONI MARTHA! -BigBoi 'All Of Anthony…   Read Story »