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Can you believe we started this week off in the carefree, balmy month of August, and we're ending it in the dark, freezing cold month of September? It's almost as if life is not worth living at all.…   Read Story »
The rumor mill has been off the charts lately with rumors about who is going to be cast in the upcoming movie version of Les Miserables. We've all heard them. It's almost like we're sick of all the…   Read Story »
Aziz Ansari made comics with lyrics from Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne album and they are adorable NO DUH. Have you guys listened to that album? I like it, no duh again, but also it seems like…   Read Story »
If you look up the word "COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND ALSO SUPER EMBARRASSING AND OH MY GOD TURN IT OFF" in the dictionary there is an embed of this YouTube of Anne Hathaway "rapping" about the…   Read Story »
Eric isn't going to be on Gossip Girl anymore!!!!!!!!! But who will be gay?!?!? -Vulture The director of 30 Minutes or Less is definitely full of bologna when he says the movie has nothing to do…   Read Story »
Alright, nerds, here's your first look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Haha. GOTCHA! Classic. You nerds! P.S. Yuck.   Read Story »
Glad to see that the new movie is going to pick up right where the last one left off: with noted crybaby Bruce Wayne losing Wayne Manor after the news report on the stock and then having to be the…   Read Story »
Love and Other Drugs is actually based on a memoir called Hard Sell: the Evolution of a Viagra Salesman. (Hard Sell! Do you get it?! Penises.) Now, as we have all learned from writers like David…   Read Story »
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that EVERY SINGLE BRITISH FEMALE ACTRESS IS DEAD. That's what happened, right? That's why Anne Hathaway is in this? There was not a single actress with an actual genuine…   Read Story »
Well, that was TERRIBLE. Look: I know that I complain a lot, OK? Don't you think I know that? Of course I know that. But despite what you may think, I actually AM capable of enjoying things, and I…   Read Story »