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What a week! NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars, President Obama revealed his undying love for Anne Hathaway, AND you guys all got mad at me because I said one negative thing about Breaking Bad in…   Read Story »
TROUBLE IN WHITE HOUSE PARADISE? It was recently revealed that President Barack Obama, after seeing The Dark Knight Rises, has fallen in love with Anne Hathaway and wants to marry her and wants her…   Read Story »
In the weeks before The Dark Knight Rises came out, I rewatched the first two Christopher Nolan batman movies. It wasn't specifically on purpose. I'm not one of those fans who worries that he'll miss…   Read Story »
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I mean, ok, first let me explain. Last night on Letterman, Anne Hathaway was on to get the word out about Dark Knight Rises. Sounds fine so far, right? WELL JUST WAIT ONE SECOND.…   Read Story »
It's official that the final season of Breaking Bad is going to be split into two eight-episode seasons, so we aren't going to see the end of it until we're all old and almost dead. Oh well. It's…   Read Story »
Personally, I'm not a huge Anne Hathaway fan. Sorry! She just seems very pinched and cold to the point of being emotionally unavailable and possibly cruel. The words "vagina dentata" come to mind. If…   Read Story »
If you were on the Internet at all yesterday, then you have already seen The Dark Knight Rises trailer because it was the only thing going on. We didn't post it because it was Monday, and we do our…   Read Story »
Did you know that the ending of the Muppets was not the original ending? And that the original ending was actually a MUCH BETTER ending? And I'm so upset about it? It's true! All true! (Oh also don't…   Read Story »
Aaron Paul was on Conan last night! I was so excited to share this with you until I watched the clip which features, like, A BILLION references to Aaron Paul's "girlfriend." Ugh. Whatever. I'm so…   Read Story »
It seems like every day when you boot up the internet and log on to your homesite there's a new "behind the scenes" image from the set of The Dark Knight Rises. What gives? There are a few things I…   Read Story »