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Come on, Ryan Gosling! If you're not careful and eat your cereal you'll be the next Quentin Tortellini.   Read Story »
If I'm right, and I never am, this GIF will overtake "FIRST!" as the lead comment in every single blog post thread. It should, though. (Via TheTVScreen.)   Read Story »
It has without a doubt been Channing Tatum's week (just kidding!) (it has been the week of so many other things, most importantly Guy Fieri and the beautiful mess that is Justin and Selena), and what…   Read Story »
It seems pointless to recap everything we've gone through together this week moments before we relive it all together with GIFs, but I do want to say, can you believe it was just this Monday when we…   Read Story »
Looking good, Nancy Grace! (Via Julie Klausner.)   Read Story »
Here we are again, everyone: This Week In GIFs. I can't believe we're here already! Did someone Click remote us here? If so, can I have your Click remote? I really, really want one. I'll pay you! I…   Read Story »
So, I've been watching a lot more of the fourth hour of the Today Show lately. Whatever. Only God can judge me. Also, everyone should be doing this. The fourth hour of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb…   Read Story »
pop_ramblings sent in this link, but frankly I think you guys can do better. So do better.   Read Story »
There are two (and only two, probably) things that I like in this world: Girl Talk and animated GIFS. So you can imagine how this makes me feel.   Read Story »
You can finally consolidate your RSS reader and re-organize your Firefox bookmarks, because all of your Maury Povich animated GIFs and funny screencaps are in one place now. Phew. Thank goodness.   Read Story »