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It's incredible that everyone is still talking about Kendrick Lamar's verse on that Big Sean song when Tan Mom released a new music video today in which she disses Farrah Abraham, Howard Stern kind…   Read Story »
Rich Juzwiak posted this clip over on Gawker more than a week ago, so it's basically ancient herstory that has almost been lost to the ravaging sands of time. But Gawker has this very…   Read Story »
"I've seen it all." That's you when you woke up this morning. "I've seen it all, there's nothing left to see that I haven't seen. Ecclesiastes 1:9 -- there's nothing new under the sun. I always…   Read Story »
"These are the sounds humans make," he explained to his newborn baby. With that, his plan was set into action. (Via ViralViral.)   Read Story »
Twenty-seven animals (mostly horses, chickens, and sheep) are in Heaven now, wondering why their last few months on Earth got so weird all of a sudden. :(   Read Story »
It has been a wonderful week of guest writers and discussion and videos and television and movies. It would be a shame not to take a moment on this beautiful Friday to sit back and remember all the…   Read Story »
I know we never even asked for anything like a zebra and couldn't have a zebra because I mean even though we did have a backyard and it was probably big enough for a zebra we didn't have a cage or…   Read Story »
A lizard that looks like Spiderman was recently photographed in Kenya. Kind of insane how a story like this is breaking on such a slow news day but let's just go with it, guys! -HyperVocal Do you…   Read Story »
I'll give you all a moment for the inevitable applause break following that Pulitzer Prize nominated headline before we get into the story. [Applause Break. Shouts of "Goooood headline!" ring out.]…   Read Story »