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We have only one more "This Week In GIFs!" post of the year 2012. This is meaningless, even more meaningless than the actual final "This Week In GIFs!" post of the year 2012 will be, but what are you…   Read Story »
In June of last year, Hollywood (or whatever) announced that it would be transitioning Rovio, the gaming company behind Angry Birds, into a film and television company and turning Angry Birds from a…   Read Story »
Mindy Kaling was interviewed for the New Yorker's Book Bench about her new book, etc.! "Read it." -New Yorker Who should play Steven Tyler in the Steven Tyler biopic, which is something that is…   Read Story »
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy stole my baby nickname. Could I BE any more upset? -Dlisted A complete oral history of Friday Night Lights. -Grantland Blooper reels are the best part of any movie.…   Read Story »
Hollywood is preparing an Angry Birds movie. NO DOYYYY. To a normal human being, a big-screen adaptation of a cellphone game involving throwing birds into blocks of wood would seem like a ridiculous…   Read Story »