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Over the past decade or so, Angelina Jolie's public image has moved from that of a blood-necklace wearing bad girl with tattoos dating a weirdo, to that of a husband-stealing,…   Read Story »
One of my favorite games to play is the game where you point at strangers and tell whoever is with you which celebrity that stranger looks like. It's kind of like the game that Gabe said he liked to…   Read Story »
Have you ever watched American Pickers? It's a show on some channel where two guys go around to people who are selling things and sometimes they buy the things if they think they can sell them for a…   Read Story »
Well, here we are. Without any Thursday night TV gifs. Here's a good and interesting and important question: When Up All Night is in the Thursday night lineup, are we going to post gifs of that show?…   Read Story »
As we all know, the lives of celebrities are very different from the lives of non-celebrities, and probably even further removed from the lives of people who are very good at using the Internet. I'm…   Read Story »
Whoa. This photo of Angelina Jolie from the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair in which she is whispering into the ear of her one child who will definitely grow up normal and well-adjusted for sure while…   Read Story »
The entertainment news today says there might be a Salt sequel. If ever there has been a movie begging people to make stupid pun-based taglines for it, it is Salt 2! "Pretty please with Salt 2 on…   Read Story »
The Tourist opens today, you guys, and it looks terrible. It stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp (and I bet you that the person who wrote the screenplay would tell you that as far as they are…   Read Story »
172 people have pledged more than $8,000 to throw a party in Williamsburg commemorating the 15-year anniversary of the movie Hackers because of course they have. In other news: THE 15-YEAR…   Read Story »
I want to kiss Angelina Jolie and I want to be Johnny Depp as much as the next American patriot, but I'm not the only one who thinks The Tourist basically just looks like Knight and Day with worse…   Read Story »