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The Rock is not a terrible comic actor, but SNL seems to think that the funniest thing about The Rock is dressing The Rock up in girly clothes and making him sing and dance. You know, because he's a…   Read Story »
Is it just me, or did Saturday's SNL seem aimed at our parent's generation? Aside from the digital short, pretty much 100% of the show was (gulp), kind of, um, "Dad-humor." Nobody loves Steve Martin…   Read Story »
As they say, they can't all be winners, and after Neil Patrick Harris's tour de force performance last week, maybe the show is, how do I say this nicely because I certainly don't make a 90-minute…   Read Story »
You know what's apparently big this week? Kangol hats! This morning when Vulture put up their hilarious casting of the miracle plane crash post, the most visible surviving passenger (Seriously, he…   Read Story »
Has anyone done an investigation into what NPH did during all those years between Doogie Howser, M.D. and his recent multi-platform Lazarus-like comeback? It's starting to seem like we could have…   Read Story »
Monday's Access Hollywood had a sneak preview of the preview for the Paul Rudd/Jason Segel bromance comedy I Love You, Man, and it seemed kind of "eh." Now there's a full trailer, and it's amazing…   Read Story »
Whoa, Amy Poehler surprised everyone by returning to SNL just six weeks after having her kid! But that wasn't the only shocking, awesome thing to happen on Saturday's show. Andy Samberg and Jorma…   Read Story »
Here's a series of promos for this week's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Paul Rudd (don't forget!), and something strange is going on because they're not awkward and they're actually funny. Like,…   Read Story »
Weird. Maybe SNL should just be shorter, not have musical guests, always be hosted by Will Ferrell and partially written by Adam McKay, and take place during the last burst of the most important…   Read Story »
So, it looks likely that Mark Wahlberg's outburst on Kimmel last night was, as many commenters suggested, just a set up for his revenge cameo appearance on SNL this weekend. If it's true, we will…   Read Story »