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Videogum commenter Chris Trash did an interview with Katherine Chloe Cahoon for MOBFD's Bookgum, currently reading her book The Single Girls Guide to Meeting European Men,  and it's PRETTY amazing.…   Read Story »
Entertainment Weekly has a first look at Andy Samberg as the host of Shark Week. Live every week as if you're Andy Samberg, I guess.   Read Story »
The idea of a woman who refuses to sleep with another man until she knows he's the one she's going to marry because she read in a ladies' magazine that you can't get married after you've had 20…   Read Story »
Live every week like you're Andy Samberg, apparently. That guy!   Read Story »
Aww, no offense, Saturday Night Live! You know I love you with my HUMAN HEART. But you have to admit that your name could just as easily be changed to Hit Or Miss Live, which is not your fault, that…   Read Story »
Perfect! Now if her people could just repeat this winning formula with Gwyneth's movies, television cameos, country songs, lifestyle newsletters, work-out routines, late night talk show appearances,…   Read Story »
For those of you who watched The Wire, which I assume is all of you--but if some of you have not watched The Wire, please stop reading this post and go watch The Wire, jeez no duh--you remember that…   Read Story »
The nominees for the 2009 Grammy Awards are here. This nomination is REALLLLLL! (Get it? You get it.)   Read Story »
Because I am not nine years old. But this promo-featurette featuring Andy Samberg explaining how animation works is funny with a chance of LAFFBALLS.   Read Story »
WASSUP POGS! Yo, as you probably heard on da grapevine, this week is Comi-Con, which is the world's greatest place for all of the coolest posters for movies that won't come out for three years.…   Read Story »