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Andrew Garfield, as Spiderman, cuddling a baby. -BuzzFeed There's a scene in Frances Ha (and in the trailer for Frances Ha, briefly) in which Greta Gerwig run-dances herself through the streets…   Read Story »
After seeing Fast & Furious 6 with some friends, I wondered out loud how a screenplay for a movie like that works, like, do they really describe some of those sequences: And then a tank comes out of…   Read Story »
Here is another image to get you guys excited for Spider-Man 2. How excited are you now? So exciting, though, right?!   Read Story »
Obviously, the big story this week was all the SMANIEL SMOSH nonsense that I legitimately never want to talk about again, not even if you gchat me and say something like, "Wow, I hope no one ever…   Read Story »
Yo diggity yo dogs! Wasssuuup dudes who learned how to skateboard from their grandfathers and girls who are doing chores around the house to save up enough money to launch their Etsy store. It's…   Read Story »
Normally, The Amazing Spider-Man would be a Videogum Movie Club selection, but it comes out on Wednesday, and also there's a weird cloud of disinterest that seems to be surrounding it. Or is that…   Read Story »
Here are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield singing a song about The Amazing Spiderman for some kind of German promotional something. If those two ever break up I'll NEVER believe in love again.…   Read Story »
I know we're all pretty excited for the reboot of Spider-Man next summer starring Andrew Garfield from The Social Network, and Emma Stone from the #1 movie in America (not a joke!) The Help directed…   Read Story »
With great powers comes pretty good teaser trailer!   Read Story »
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy stole my baby nickname. Could I BE any more upset? -Dlisted A complete oral history of Friday Night Lights. -Grantland Blooper reels are the best part of any movie.…   Read Story »