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Vincent Chase is sad because a celebrity profile writer from Vanity Fair rebuffed his gross and lazy advances while trying to DO HER JOB of writing an article about him, which he also found to be…   Read Story »
Johnny Drama and Turtle cannot get over how E banged Sloane's ex-stepmom last week, and frankly, neither can I. For all of the care that this show puts into getting the lighting just right in…   Read Story »
LOVE IS IN THE SMOG-FILLED AIR! (And now a reference to LA's famous traffic jams!) Vince has an interview with a celebrity journalist for Vanity Fair. Ooh-la-la. Wait, speaking of Vanity Fair, what…   Read Story »
When we last left our pals, Vinzo and Torta just witnessed a murder. They break into the W.C. of the sad man: KABAM! He dead. Vinzo and Torta turn to each other, Mr. E is still on the phone you hear…   Read Story »
It's the best time of every week: catching up with the boys! Vince is speaking at an AA meeting. One day at a time, Vince! What doesn't kill you makes you cocainer. Everyone in the audience keeps…   Read Story »