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This short film, Noah, follows the end of a high school relationship before a young man (Noah) heads off to college, and it all takes place on his computer screen. It is very good, please watch it.…   Read Story »
On the set of Star Trek Into Darkness, Simon Pegg #SETPRANKED multiple members of the cast, telling them they had to wear "Neutron Cream"  in certain scenes. You can watch the #setprank in action,…   Read Story »
Here is Aaron Paul posing as himself at the ABQ Urban Outfitters face-in-hole. Jesse Pinkman all the way down. -HeisenbergChronicles Amy Sedaris & Jimmy Fallon make a 'crafty candle salad'…   Read Story »
I'm not sure that Mischa Barton is ok. Are any of you friends with Mischa Barton? I think if any of you are friends with Mischa Barton you should maybe give her a call or just drop by her place and…   Read Story »
“Will and I are having a lot of problems. Will Arnett and I are getting a divorce. Yeah, I just had my second child.” - What Amy Sedaris Tells People When They Think She's Amy Poehler   Read Story »
Can you believe we started this week off in the carefree, balmy month of August, and we're ending it in the dark, freezing cold month of September? It's almost as if life is not worth living at all.…   Read Story »
There are very few people who become famous simply for being themselves, and that is how it should be. Who even wants that? It's not a very good idea. Amy Sedaris, however, has managed exactly this…   Read Story »
Here, I made you a card! In related news: R.I.P. Farley Granger. You are in heaven now, pulling long cons on the angels.   Read Story »
Five stars. A++. Would do business with seller again. (Via RatsOff.)   Read Story »
There are very few people who are infallibly entertaining to watch while also seeming like genuinely decent human beings. Amy Sedaris is one of them. So watch her.   Read Story »