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BREAKING NEWS today on the American Idol front. They're adding a fourth judge! NEW YORK - Scoot over, Simon Cowell. "American Idol" is adding a fourth critic to its panel of…   Read Story »
gabe: did you watch the american idol finale? lindsay: No gabe: me neither lindsay: who won? gabe: david cook. lindsay: boo! archuleta should have won! gabe: no way, david cook totally deserved to…   Read Story »
Well, David Cook won American Idol last night, just as Simon said he would last week, so he will probably be too busy for the County Fair tour of Plain White Tees Nuts this summer. A record 95…   Read Story »
So tonight is the American Idol finale, and while I think we can all agree that there are two noble and worthy competitors up for the prize, it's impossible not to be partisan. I hope the guy I…   Read Story »
I like Simon Cowell. He's so sassy! He's basically made a living out of leaving flaming bags of shit on people's doorsteps, but he doesn't run away from it, and when you stomp the flames out you…   Read Story »
OK! I'm sorry, America! You were right! I should be watching American Idol! I still won't, but this clip is great. Everyone is amazed this morning that Paula would critique two songs when the…   Read Story »
Earlier this week George Bush appeared on Deal or No Deal to boost the morale of a soldier who was competing. Tuesday morning, Laura Bush guest hosted the Today show with some wedding tips and a…   Read Story »
Have you ever wondered what things were really like on the set of American Idol? Me neither. I'm sorry, but Kelly Clarkson nailed it in the first season, and everything since then has just been…   Read Story »
The last time I watched American Idol, Kelly Clarkson was named the winner and she sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" or something and there was a lot of confetti. It was just before America gained its…   Read Story »