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On Law And Order: SVU this week, the guys took their chance to get in an unexpected dig at Ryan Seacrest. Well, better late than never: I just imagine all these older people in their easy chairs…   Read Story »
American Idol is stupid. Bob Odenkirk and Natasha Leggero's Funny Or Die series, American Contestant, is not. The point of American Contestant is to impress the judges with your ability to ask to go…   Read Story »
Well, everyone's favorite show, American Idol, is about to become everyone's favorite outmoded novelty product. From the AP: "Idol" production company FremantleMedia and trading card publisher Upper…   Read Story »
So, there was some "hilarity" this week when American Idol decided to create a top 13 of finalists rather than the customary top 12. SOME RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN. The thing is, the 1-800 numbers…   Read Story »
Date: February 17th Time: 8PM Location: American Idol Couch Description: Contestant provides the TWSS. Host (Ryan Seacrest) is awkward and does not know how to react. Assumes all of America is…   Read Story »
A tipster who watches American Idol alerted us to George Ramirez, the bearded, earnest (or is he?), honest American Idol contestant from Tuesday's show. The show was clearly trying to paint George as…   Read Story »
(A note about American Idol: this kind of shit is the only American Idol shit we're going to cover. Meaning: "funny shit." So if you see something, say something.) Well American Idol premiered last…   Read Story »
Which hasn't and will never happen, but this would be exactly it. In fact, Tina would even be wearing this shirt and this amused, yet really uncomfortable, smile: It's not as good as The Tragic…   Read Story »
Best Video 4evs. (via Unique Daily) It's easy to laugh at the "misfortune" that's plaguing these girls and chalk it up to the inflamed emotional state of pubescent enthusiasms, but I can say with…   Read Story »
All day, the gossip has been unfolding about the woman found dead in her car outside of Paula Abdul's house last night of an apparent suicide. As more and more details have made into the press, the…   Read Story »