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As you may have heard, Ellen Degeneres, America's sweetheart, made a pretty big announcement on her show yesterday: Whoops. That isn't it. Don't get me wrong, Ellen Degeneres playing mother nature…   Read Story »
Paula Abdul, whoever that is, is leaving American Idol, whatever that is. Just kidding. I know who Paula Abdul is. She's the lady who popped out of the ink well on Scat Cat's song. And I've heard of…   Read Story »
Ryan Seacrest re-upped his American Idol contract for 45 MILLION dollars this weekend (perfectly reasonable). America responds, appropriately, with a barrage of casually tossed-off Dunkleman jokes on…   Read Story »
Simon Cowell is renegotiating his American Idol contract this week, and rumors are starting to circulate about how much he is going to make. Last year he made $36 million for making teenagers feel…   Read Story »
gabe: i cannot believe that adam lambert lost American Idol gabe: since he is the person that i have arbitrarily decided to have been rooting for lindsay: adam lambert did not get as many votes as my…   Read Story »
American Idol is "one of the most popular shows on American television." --Wikipedia So then what was Steve Martin doing on last night's season finale playing the banjo? Who wants this? Do you…   Read Story »
According to an Adam McKay blog post on Funny or Die, Will Ferrell was scheduled to sing a song on last night's American Idol, but at the last minute they pulled the bit. Because of how that show is…   Read Story »
Paula Abdul does a fucking ton of drugs. We know that. But now we really know it, because she's admitting it. From People: "I could have killed myself," Abdul, 46, tells Ladies' Home Journal in its…   Read Story »
Because Quentin Tarantino was a "mentor" to the contestants on American Idol last night, whatever that means, some new footage from his upcoming Inglourious Basterds aired. Sure. Of course new…   Read Story »
Wait a second, Quentin Tarantino is going to make a guest appearance on American Idol AGAIN? As in THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED? It is totally fair and legitimate to fire me, but unfortunately you…   Read Story »