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Yikes. American Idol is no longer an empty husk ratings-zombie, now there are actual zombies up in there. I really hope those are real undead zombies and not some stupid zombie street team trying to…   Read Story »
I am assuming that the reason Ke$ha has yet to apologize for her embarrassing and nightmarish performance on last night's American Idol (as if there is another kind of Ke$ha performance) is because…   Read Story »
Brian Dunkleman! Remember him! He co-hosted the first season (and as far as I am concerned, the ONLY season) of American Idol with Ryan Seacrest. And then he disappeared. Forever. Banished to some…   Read Story »
General Larry Platt, of course, is our generation's Susan Boyle, achieving overnight celebrity with his American Idol audition of an original song called "Pants on the Ground." But maybe his song was…   Read Story »
You know what that means: when the grandpas get involved, another meme has passed its prime.   Read Story »
We concluded our coverage of American Idol yesterday, but this is still pretty great. And here is the story of General Larry Platt, although, personally, I like to keep the artist's life separate…   Read Story »
And so it begins. Last night, the 147th season of American Idol kicked off with its annual Teasing Of The Nerds. It is amazing that it is 2010 and America still considers it enjoyable and hilarious…   Read Story »
Gordon Ramsay got plastic surgery. Fine. But he did it on the advice of Simon Cowell? I thought only teenage girls took what that guy said seriously. (Sometimes TOO seriously.)   Read Story »
I don't watch American Idol. For one thing, I am 102 years old. What is there for me in American Idol? Is there medicine in it? How about a comfortable place to sit away from the window because it's…   Read Story »
Have you ever had something taken away that you didn't even know was yours to begin with? It's a strange feeling. There's loss and remorse, but loss and remorse over what? Loss and remorse over what…   Read Story »