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Oh, BROTHER. It doesn't make any sense for me to get mad about this, because I've never seen any of these movies, but I can't help it! Five is SO MANY SEQUELS! What, are movie studio execs worried…   Read Story »
Eat your heart out, Tea Party! Literally, I would like you to eat your heart out. You cannot survive without your heart. Get it? I hope you don't get it. Until it is too late. R.I.P. to both the Tea…   Read Story »
Eyephones UP! And good morning to you, too, AMERICA.   Read Story »
If ever there was a musical anthem for this long 4th of July weekend, surely this is that anthem: #1! (Thanks for the tip, Paul.)   Read Story »
Look, as one website has already pointed out, this whole thing is basically in-fighting among millionaires, and it's not like any of us are confused about the fact that there are real things going on…   Read Story »
Speaking of catchphrases, this 1982 television segment about a Valley Girl Contest in a California mall introduces an expression that I think we need to bring back. Oh hi, Fred Willard! Probably…   Read Story »
In the Loop trailer, you guys: They showed this trailer ahead of Bruno when I saw it in Seattle (jealous?) last weekend, and it looks really good. It's like Dr. Strangelove meets The Queen meets…   Read Story »
A TSA agent breaks down in tears under the pressure of keeping America safe on a new show called Homeland Security USA. We break down in tears at the fact that there's a show called Homeland Security…   Read Story »
Dear You Guys, Come on. I say that with as much sympathy and patience as I can, but seriously, come on. It's 2008. We're in the middle of the worst economic crisis we've faced in 80 years. There's a…   Read Story »