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For a long time Steven Seagal was mostly just a buffoon. But as soon as he started telling everyone he was an actual police officer, and riding around with real police officers saying things like,…   Read Story »
I defy you to find a more ULTIMATE fireworks FAIL compilation. If anything this one is almost TOO ultimate. So ultimate. #BenjaminFranklin   Read Story »
OK, yes, this little boy is singing Lee Greenwood's "Proud to Be an American" on a Dallas cable access tribute to 9/11, obviously, and NEVER FORGET, it's not like anyone is saying you should forget,…   Read Story »
Just because Memorial Day is over for another year doesn't mean we should forget that this is the Greatest Country on Earth. Never forget that. We did it! We are doing it! (Via BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »
Goooood documentary! I think there's one thing that all Americans can agree upon, and that is that every problem in America can be solved by watching Kirk Cameron make a hilarious confused face for…   Read Story »
Only one more Monday before Christmas! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT? "Yes, of course we can believe it. We have been working on this Semper Fi Fund USA Christmas light display for what feels like years. I…   Read Story »
Dear the People who Saw Jack and Jill This Past Weekend, I'm not sure who you are. Much like someone who would actually tell a political pollster, "Yes, Herman Cain is my favorite candidate and I…   Read Story »
From McSaprr's official website: Hot Dog Rock is the world's first Rock Opera about hot dogs. McSAPRR is a brand new totally warped rock artist. McSAPRR is an anagram for Matt Chertkoff Sings and…   Read Story »
There's going to be a porno parody made about Bin Laden. No duh. Seal Team Sex? (Lazy.) 72 Anal Virgins? (Gross. But better.)   Read Story »
Ooooh, I’m too young for this. From The New York Times. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Bristol Palin is going to star in her own reality television show. The untitled show has been…   Read Story »