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STOMP ON THEIR HANDS! Before I get too far ahead of myself: we didn't do a "How Was Everyone's Day Today?" post yesterday because I forgot. Uh-oh. I guess you're going to have to sue me about it?…   Read Story »
The Better Call Saul spinoff was confirmed by AMC (:-/) before the final episode of Breaking Bad aired, but avoided #SPOILING anything about who might live or die in that final episode by claiming…   Read Story »
Oh, brother. In a lengthy profile of  Vince Gilligan in the most recent issue of the Hollywood Reporter, Gilligan talks a lot about what it's like to start fresh after finishing a series like…   Read Story »
I don't watch The Walking Dead, and Gabe (now a zombie himself) didn't even watch the last season of The Walking Dead, so it would probably be fair enough to let the season four premiere come and go…   Read Story »
I'm not finished talking about Breaking Bad yet! It's the Monday after the series premiere, I think we still have a few (pre-government shutdown) hours during which we could discuss it and still feel…   Read Story »
After five seasons, however many episodes, lots of deaths, a good amount of meth, more than enough teethface, and hundreds of love letters to Jesse c/o Breaking Bad returned to sender, we've made it…   Read Story »
It would have been reasonable to guess that after last week's episode, Breaking Bad might let us catch our breath before leaving us, and whomever else, lifeless at the final episode. Some tense…   Read Story »
"Oh, I don't know. I love The Walking Dead, but it's just like -- what is there to dress up as if you love The Walking Dead and still want to be sexy I mean sassy? Sexy zombie? Oh, please, I was a…   Read Story »
Not long ago, waiting an extra year for the final half of the final season of one of television's best dramas could have seemed, for some, like the worst life-ruining nightmare that the devil could…   Read Story »
If "AHHHHHH!" written over and over again would've served well as last week's recap, this week's recap should be exclusively wide-eyed silence. I'm not sure how to convey that in text. Like this, I…   Read Story »