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Gulliver's Travels trailer, you guys: Snore. Is it just me, or does every trailer for a Jack Black movie now just seem like a fake trailer for a Jack Black movie in Tropic Thunder? That movie…   Read Story »
Please Give trailer, you guys: There was a Talk of the Town article in last week's New Yorker (that's right, ladies, the New Yorker!) about a family that sold their house and gave half of the…   Read Story »
Uh. OK. Well, first let's address what this movie did well, like the disappointed parents we are (or at least that I am), recognizing that the negative feedback won't be useful or constructive if it…   Read Story »
Look, the world is going to end in 2012. That's just a FACT. But how does it end? With a bang? With a whimper? With John Cusack driving a limousine off a cargo plane into a chasm filled with lava and…   Read Story »
Wanna see the new trailer for a web-only sitcom? Yeah, I didn't either until I remembered it's for Wainy Days, David Wain's successful experiment in creating the first consistently hilarious web…   Read Story »