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A24, the distributer handling Spring Breakers, released an Oscar campaign ad for James Franco this morning, asking you to "consider this shit." -NextMovie R.I.P. True Blood, after your seventh…   Read Story »
A supposed long-time friend of Amanda Bynes tweeted this and other screengrabs last night of texts the actress supposedly sent him in which she explained that her recent (and on-going) public…   Read Story »
@amandabynes pull it together dude.— Courtney Love Cobain (@Courtney) May 28, 2013 Oh boy. I like to stay out of Amanda Bynes's business as much as I can, as she seems to be a young,…   Read Story »
Right before the The Empire Strikes Back's 30th Anniversary, Dave Perillo has completed his trilogy of original Star Wars Trilogy posters for Acme Archives. You can look at them here! -/Film Tom…   Read Story »
Another day, another pop culture themed art show at the  at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. This one is titled Arch Nemesis and focuses on heros and their villains. -/Film ABC Family…   Read Story »
LOOK OUT, MR. COOL SUIT, HERE COMES THE NEW MS. COOL DISGUISE! First and foremost let me just say this: by all accounts Amanda Bynes seems to be suffering the all-too-familiar fate of our young…   Read Story »
It can be hard to keep up with who the Internet loves without question and who the Internet hates without question because the Internet is always changing its mind. So let's just do a quick gut…   Read Story »
This Amanda Bynes thing has been fun, but at a certain point we can't all just be rubber-necking on the highway, someone has to pull the car over and rescue her from the fire and the metal. Right?…   Read Story »
The new season of Arrested Development has gotten its Netflix release date! Now you know when to plan your parties, but is there even enough time?! -PopCultureBrain This video was tipped to us from…   Read Story »
President Obama's trip to Israel, as seen through the lens of Arrested Development. -NowThis Vine is generally a garbage dump of screaming and incomprensible visuals, but Will Sasso is VERY GOOD…   Read Story »