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The frustrating thing about elephants is that whenever you see them you just want to hug them and have their whole elephant body in the hug, but you'll never be able to do that unless you get them…   Read Story »
This, as you know, is the time of year when we REFLECT. It's a chance to break from the headlong rush into the future and remember what happened in the not-so-distant past. I don't want to get TOO…   Read Story »
As we learned from the hit film Sliding Doors, life is all about choices and haircuts. Based on what you do today, there's no knowing what your hair might look like tomorrow. But you can't spend too…   Read Story »
There's a really cool article in the New York Times about how Chinese internet citizens are getting around their government's draconian web censorship with a double entendre-laden story about a…   Read Story »
The lowest common denominator has been found in humans, and it's whatever it is about this video of a drunk, possibly toothless, probably meth-addled woman spouting off about her political views that…   Read Story »