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Look, a banana dipped in Nutella that looks like Ron Swanson! It's a miracle! A delicious apparition. -BuzzFeedFood Watch Disney's Hand-Drawn/CG Short Paperman In Full -/Film Let's send some…   Read Story »
Whoa, today is the day?! Why didn't anyone tell me that today is the day?! I had to wait for Alicia Keys to tell me. Wait, what? If you visit the website,, it says that "Alicia…   Read Story »
If you had told me a week ago that not only was Charles Barkley hosting Saturday Night Live (Huh? He must have a new EA Sports videogame commercial to promote!), but that he would deliver…   Read Story »
Stephen Colbert joined Alicia Keys last night for a very special rendition of "Empire State of Mind." Being white is hard, sure, but it can be so beautiful, too!   Read Story »
Is it just me, or does the video for "Empire State of Mind" seem like those American Express ads from a couple of years ago? Low APR is the gulliest!   Read Story »
So, you may or may not have noticed on Sunday that a child ran up on stage during Jay-Z's and Alicia Keys's performance of "Empire State of Mind." That tiny, tiny creature was Lil Mama. And today,…   Read Story »
The Challenge: To create a video blog, or vlog, using a set of ground rules established by Lindsay. The Result: Gabe leaves and returns to LiveJournal, where he can be with people who…   Read Story »