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Happy 114th birthday, Alfred Hitchcock! To celebrate, here is a supercut of  Hitchcock film cameos. I hope Heaven has a good Internet connection! -FilmDrunk Here are 23 things /Film saw and…   Read Story »
Here are some images from the Doctor Who set. There MIGHT be spoilers. It looks to me like there aren't, but what do I know. -ONTD Stephen Colbert and Alan Cumming debuted their new country hit…   Read Story »
Who is this woman on the cover of the current issue of V Magazine, which advertises a story about Scarlett Johansson? Is it an unknown model? Is it a friend of a friend? Is it someone's roommate who…   Read Story »
What you're looking at is the FIRST LOOK (though really it's the second look, because there was one unofficial look released a few months ago, but this is certainly the first official look) at Daniel…   Read Story »
This is a newly released first look at Anthony Hopkins in the role of Alfred Hitchcock from the upcoming film about the making of Psycho (called Hitchcock) and, my goodness, someone did a VERY GOOD…   Read Story »
We spend a lot of time focusing on upsetting things here. Mostly because upsetting things often seem more interesting or worthwhile or fun and energizing, in a backwards way, to talk about. For…   Read Story »
Whoa. This is actually kind of incredible. So, Kim Novak, the aging star of the silver screen best known for her role in Vertigo, recently claimed that she felt "raped" when she watched The Artist…   Read Story »
I know that all this time you were thinking that Rebecca Black was our generation's Rebecca, and that they could stop trying to give our generation a Rebecca because we already have one and she's…   Read Story »
Eric isn't going to be on Gossip Girl anymore!!!!!!!!! But who will be gay?!?!? -Vulture The director of 30 Minutes or Less is definitely full of bologna when he says the movie has nothing to do…   Read Story »
Date: 1928/1929 Time: Unknown Location: England Source: Buzzfeed (via Vulture) Description: In rare behind-the-scenes clip of a sound test, famed director Alfred Hitchcock is heard to use archaic…   Read Story »