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I have to preface this by saying that I know exactly what it's like to work for the website of a TV network. I have been in those trenches. So before I get to the fact that the 30 Rock Valentine…   Read Story »
Sometimes I wonder if the viewers out there who aren't watching 30 Rock are dismissing it because they don't get the little obscure references and nerd-bait easter eggs, because for me, aside from…   Read Story »
Alec Baldwin promoted 30 Rock and his SNL hosting gig tomorrow night (so excited!) on Conan last night, and, after starting the show off with a Joaquin Phoenix impression, launched into the…   Read Story »
Last night's episode, "Generalissimo," didn't even need Jon Hamm to be one of the best of the season. More important, it solved the mystery of Salma Hayek's continued presence on the show, which so…   Read Story »
The relationship between Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy is the most interesting and complicated relationship on TV. (No doi!) As funny as it is when Tracy Jordan utters one of his idiot savant one-liners…   Read Story »
Well, that was the weakest episode of the season, and I place the blame squarely on Salma Hayek's lovely but miscast shoulders (She even seems to throw Alec Baldwin off his game! Probably because he…   Read Story »
Loser reaction shots are one of the best parts of any televised awards ceremony, but usually the losers, as a group, hold it together better than Alec Baldwin's fellow Golden Globe nominees. When…   Read Story »
Much was made about Salma Hayek's recurring role as Jack's love interest on 30 Rock, begun last night when he hired her as his evil mother's nurse. But despite her beauty and dramatic talent, Hayek…   Read Story »
Who would ever have pegged 30 Rock for the show with the most cleavage this side of that E! show about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends that I'm too proud to know the title of? The show's biggest (only?)…   Read Story »
Last night's 30 Rock wasn't as "edgy" as this season has been so far (though Kenneth did call Liz "The C-Word: Cranky Sue"), but that's okay, because it had genuine heart! Jack realized his mother…   Read Story »