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I have to admit, the "Week In GIFs" has gotten a bit more exciting for me now that our stories are back on TV. They produce so many amazing GIFs! I almost feel sorry for the shows we loved in the…   Read Story »
Saturday Night Live is back! OH, GREAT! And the season premiere was certainly fine. Although Alec Baldwin has hosted Saturday Night Live a world-record winning 5,000 times, I can't really say that he…   Read Story »
Alec Baldwin may leave 30 Rock or he may not or he may just be in fewer episodes or the world may end tomorrow no one knows. -Vulture Oh yeah speaking of he also wants to run for mayor but guess…   Read Story »
Augusten Burroughs's memoirs and books of essays are really popular. Probably. Right? I think that's true. People buy them and they are best-sellers, and then they get turned into movies, or…   Read Story »
Did you watch the Tony Awards last night? I did not. "I was watching the basketball finals and that's why I didn't watch it, go Marvs!" - Me, unfortunately. "That Dirg Newatsy is way tall and I don't…   Read Story »
Heaven just got a little more [Proper Noun]. -ONTD Unofficial new summer jam: Avril Lavigne Scremeo Cover. -Epic Ponyz Clip from the new Pixar short La Luna. -Slash Film Neil Patrick Harris…   Read Story »
Alec Baldwin walked into the Marriott ballroom and looked around. It was a pretty standard hotel ballroom. Here's a description: stained carpet, lots of over-stuffed chairs that were still…   Read Story »
The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's ipad newspaper, aka The Eat The Rich Times, has an EXPLOSIVE iCover story today about Alec Baldwin running for mayor of New York City. Whoa! Can you imagine? Well keep…   Read Story »
I still do not care about sportsketball, but A for Effort, boys! Although, I'm not entirely sure who this is for? Sports fans who also love critically beloved but…   Read Story »
Last night at some fancy thing, Alec Baldwin told Vulture that next season would be the last season of 30 Rock. And then the Internet exploded. But no one actually knows whether this is true or not.…   Read Story »