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"Mom, dad, WE'RE ENGAGED!" - You (Via TodayShowTumblr.)   Read Story »
Michelle Obama looking on as Al Roker and Kelly Ripa go Lady and the Tramp on a crepe? Sure. You know what, sure. At this point: sure. If anything, it would be weird NOT to see a photograph of…   Read Story »
In the latest issue of People magazine, the cast of the Today show dress up like they're in Anchorman 2: The Edge of Reason, or something. It's weird. "We're pimps! We're pimps now!" That's what they…   Read Story »
This morning as part of their "Today Takes On" series, where the Today Show crew tries new things, the gang painted their interpretations of live nude models with an instructor. This is the salient…   Read Story »
If you half-listen to the Today Show, you know old Willard does the crazy mumbly stuff every morning, but this morning he was joined by Al Roker (who seemed like he was sent there to Mind Willard),…   Read Story »
As 2008 drew to a close, I quietly released Al Roker from jail. The fact of the matter is that I still find him to be an insufferable beacon of mediocrity, bobbing along in a tepid sea of…   Read Story »
This morning, when I couldn't take any more of Britney's lethargic and totally dull GMA performance, I switched over to the Today Show, where I knew that Ann Curry would be interviewing Brad Pitt.…   Read Story »
(We know this is two posts in a row about The Today Show, but this morning's muppet takeover cannot be ignored just because of a Tracy Morgan promise.) The Today Show has been taking on some odd…   Read Story »
The Today Show does weird shit every year for Halloween, but this year was extra-embarrassing, with the cast dressed up as fairy tale characters acting out an awkward, muddled story narrated by…   Read Story »
Weird. Friday night, the Friar's Club had a surprise roast of noted comedian Matt Lauer, and even Tom Cruise showed up to make fun of him (using his own material!) This morning The Today Show aired…   Read Story »