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You get what you pay for in this life, so if you want to pay $1000 for a DVD (a DVD!) of a terrible movie, you will get everything that you deserve, I'm sure.   Read Story »
When I was in college, I had a couple roommates who were film students. They were going through headshots for some short they were making and they came across a guy whose had all these small…   Read Story »
Fair enough! I love a good movie about crooked cops whose dads were crooked cops or whatever, or maybe they aren't crooked but their dads' partners were crooked? Or sometimes they are crooked but…   Read Story »
HBO is producing a biopic of famed music-and-murdered-bodies producer, Phil Spector, written by David Mamet, and starring Al Pacino in the lead role. Let's name it!   Read Story »
Woof. We can sit here and make fun of Hollywood's terrible ideas all day, and we do. It's like they're a Disaster Factory with retarded foremen manning the money burning furnaces, and an…   Read Story »
Do you realize how many people it takes to make a movie? It is so many people. A Hollywood movie with major (or even minor) stars has tens, literally tens, of people working on it at any given time.…   Read Story »
Today as part of their New Cult Canon series, The Onion AV Club celebrates one of the best bad-good movies ever, Devil's Advocate: How many other major-studio movies have had the guts to stage the…   Read Story »