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Poor Jennifer Aniston. All she has is talent, success, fame, beauty, and multiple homes, and now it looks like her mere existence is cursing a new, younger generation of spinsters. Unless...oh my…   Read Story »
Soon we will also fall quickly off of our own work roofs into the snow pile of the weekend -- so soon we can almost feel it -- but for now all we can do is sit up there, square-shaped and waiting.…   Read Story »
It seemed like an ordinary day at the pub Ajay Cohan, 30, managed in West Bromwich. He woke up, put on clothes, lived his day like he normally would, and put his cellphone on a seat in the pub like…   Read Story »
It's hard to explain one's attraction to Internet videos of terrifying things, like bugs, and people climbing tall buildings, and Courtney Stodden LOL, and this ride we're all about to see. Do we…   Read Story »