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Bryan Cranston has a tiny little Breaking Bad tattoo. -NYDaily Adult Swim bought a bunch of local ad spots during the launch of Fox's "Animation Domination High-Def" cartoon block on Saturday…   Read Story »
The first episode of Adult Swim's new fake infomercial series from Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter is now available to watch online! It is also available to watch at 4AM on Adult Swim every…   Read Story »
In case you missed it last night, please take fifteen minutes and watch the greatest event in television history, featuring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm. It seems impossible that you'd regret it.   Read Story »
Hooray, more upfronts! Did everyone wake up this morning, eyes wide, more awake than they've felt in months, because they knew they'd get to hear a bunch of stuff about TV today? You didn't even need…   Read Story »
Adult Swim has put out a free hip hop album called African Swim for some reason. You can download it here. We're welcome.   Read Story »