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Hollywood is for sure a mystery, but there are still some things that seem pretty predictable and straightforward about it. Anything that is already something will be made into a movie franchise, for…   Read Story »
After years of nervous anticipation, the American people breathe a sigh of relief to learn, as the Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting, that FOX is moving forward with a "crossplatform"…   Read Story »
Somewhere out there exists a world that we would recognize as very similar to ours. "We" are all there, doing just about the same things we do here -- blogging, loving, drinking, tweeting. In fact if…   Read Story »
The Brontë sisters (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne) were the Olsen sisters (MK, Ashley, and Elizabeth) of their day. Yes? I'm pretty sure I don't have to back that up with any reason for saying it…   Read Story »
FX is developing an hourlong project "loosely based" on Fargo, created by Noah Hawley, with the Coen Brothers executive producing. And it actually sounds like it could be good?! "Oh jeeze!" - Fargo   Read Story »
We all have our dream Broadway musical adaptations of kind of oldish movies, but for some reason the topic very rarely comes up in conversation. Think about it -- the last time you and your friends…   Read Story »
In its relentless attempts to turn any name brand thing that at least 10 children have heard of into a movie franchise, Hollywood, and Warner Bros in particular, has greenlit a movie based on Legos.…   Read Story »
Eddie Murphy is on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone in light of the runaway success of the forward-thinking payment plan in which you can pay 60 dollars to watch Tower Heist in your home…   Read Story »
The Kids Are All Right is being turned into a TV show, but unfortunately it's for HBO, which probably means no laff track or boy-oy-oing sound effects. Oh well. At least half the cast of The Wire and…   Read Story »
Dreamworks has hired the woman who wrote E.T. to write an adaptation of Roald Dahl's The BFG. She better not fuck it up!   Read Story »