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Scott C.'s Great Showdowns does Midnight In Paris. -GreatShowdowns Just in time for me to remind you that the Videogum SpooOOooOky Movie Club selection we'll be discussing tomorrow is Cabin In the…   Read Story »
Vulture talked to New Girl’s production designer, Michael Whetstone. and prop master, Ben Lewis, about a few weird items found around the set. It's a lot of fun! -Vulture Adam Scott is going to…   Read Story »
Adam Scott appeared on Conan last night to respond to those making jokes comparing him to Masters winner Adam Scott. -TeamCoco Alison Brie appears on the most recent episode of Paul F. Tompkins'…   Read Story »
An old pic of John Travolta doing something (I have no idea what) was going around yesterday, and someone smartly photoshopped Progresso soup can phones into his hands! Oh, Internet. Of course you…   Read Story »
The Internet's best web series Burning Love doesn't return until 2013, but for now you can check out the VERY, VERY GOOD cast of its second season. So good. Can't wait.   Read Story »
In case you missed it last night, please take fifteen minutes and watch the greatest event in television history, featuring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm. It seems impossible that you'd regret it.   Read Story »
"Ann Romney Is Ann Veal" -HyperVocal Stephen King set a release date for the sequel to The Shining and it is going to be released in about a year from now. This has been today's "sequel to The…   Read Story »
Last night, Adam Scott, the DREAMBOAT, appeared on Letterman and talked about the time he and Nick Offerman did a weird thing at a college campus. And we all fell in love with him all over again.   Read Story »
It was difficult to predict how Friends With Kids would turn out. The cast was made up entirely of actors who have each proven their comedic, dramatic, and nice-to-look-at abilities, but paired with…   Read Story »