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[Originally posted on March 15th, 2012.] As part of this year's Videogum Oscar Pool, Kelly and I made a side bet wherein the loser had to suffer not only the indignity of making a poor guess about…   Read Story »
[Originally posted on November 15th, 2010.] American Beauty won the 1999 Academy Award for Best Picture. Whoops! This is a pretentious, misguided, ham-fisted film. But the Academy's decision…   Read Story »
How was your day today? You already know about my day, which, although the part to which I'm referring only took up a bit of the morning, will leave me with enough extra stress and anxiety for the…   Read Story »
You might remember that last year there was a bit of controversy surrounding the Academy Awards due to password problems with the newly operational online voting system. God, I hope you don't…   Read Story »
The Pussy Posse (it really is gross) has just entered its Second Coming (high-five), and has been living it up and slamming it down all over town. The boys are back, baby, and no one can stop them…   Read Story »
TGIF, am I right? Thank GIF? Thaaaaaaaaank GIF. This week is a super special GIF week because we get to relive one of the brightest nights of our year: Academy Awards night! WHAT A BUNCH OF LUCKY…   Read Story »
"She spoke so slowly, yet we couldn't comprehend anything she said." "She knew a few facts about what movies came from which studios. I mean, they both did!" "It was fun to see how impressed the…   Read Story »
The 2013 Academy Awards are being held on Sunday, February 24th, at the newly christened Dolby Theater (formerly home to the Kodak Theater). Cool? I don't know. I kind of blew it this year and have…   Read Story »
With last night's Golden Globes we are in full-on awards season. Oh neat! My favorite part about awards season is seeing all of the photos of the after-parties. It's just fun, like looking at…   Read Story »
Moments after the world got word that Kellan Lutz is on a long road that will certainly eventually end in an Oscar, Joaquin Phoenix has revealed that he DOESN'T EVEN WANT ONE? AND ALSO SOMETHING…   Read Story »