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Terry Richardson did a photo shoot with Aaron Paul. We'll have to have a talk later. -TerrysDiary The synopsis of Homeland's third season has been revealed! Who knew Zooey Deschanel  was even…   Read Story »
Can you guess whom this is a baby photo of? I'll give you some hints: He is my future husband, he is engaged to be married to another woman, his name is Aaron Paul, and he is on Breaking Bad. Can you…   Read Story »
Doctor Who TARDIS Fez? Doctor Who TARDIS Fez! -Technabob 'Celebrity Flirt Roulette' is really wonderful, you'll see. -TEAMCOCO Ellen talks to the 'Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong' girl…   Read Story »
There were rumors going around earlier this week that Jane Kaczmarek, the mother from Malcolm in the MIddle, would be appearing in a couple of episodes of the final season of Breaking Bad, which…   Read Story »
It's actually weird it took this long. Was it the flu? Is everyone OK? How about that flu?! Here's a fun game you can play: it is called "where do you do your Jesse Pinkman impersonation?"…   Read Story »
Here is Aaron Paul posing as himself at the ABQ Urban Outfitters face-in-hole. Jesse Pinkman all the way down. -HeisenbergChronicles Amy Sedaris & Jimmy Fallon make a 'crafty candle salad'…   Read Story »
WarmingGlow put together a nice collection of behind-the-scenes photos from Breaking Bad Season 5, including this winner of Aaron Paul wearing an ice pack on his head. Ladies? -Uproxx Blue and…   Read Story »
What a week! Liz & Dick premiered, Mary Miller premiered, one night my radiator went crazy and I couldn't sleep because my tiny room was 400 degrees and the radiator was clanging super loud and I…   Read Story »
I just finished reading the first episode of the final season of Breaking Bad and words can not express what I just experienced. Holy shit. — Aaron Paul (@aaronpaul_8) November 27, 2012 For…   Read Story »
Vin Diesel IS some character in the next Avengers movie! (According to his Facebook fan art!) (Which is always perfect!) - FlimDrunk Oh no, you guys. In two years, once the show's contract is…   Read Story »