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Aaron Paul did a reddit AMA yesterday. Did you guys know he's actually really into Breaking Bad? -reddit Tina Fey is working on a new workplace comedy for NBC. Apparently it "follows a young woman…   Read Story »
When we left Breaking Bad last summer, Jesse and Walt had decided to leave the meth business for good and Hank had decided to go number two at Skyler and Walt's house. Sounds perfect, right? Well,…   Read Story »
It's a hot summer day and you're waiting in a celebrity house tour van outside of Aaron Paul's house. After a few minutes of waiting, peering into the windows of a human stranger's private home, you…   Read Story »
Aubrey Plaza does a great job as Daria Morgendorffer in this Daria movie trailer. "You should watch it." - Daria voice.  -CollegeHumor Jason Sudeikis announced last night on Letterman that he…   Read Story »
Michelle Williams is the new face of Louis Vuitton handbags, which is 4sure not something to care about, but the pictures are beautiful. So I thought you might enjoy them? I'm just trying to bring…   Read Story »
AHHH, GROSS! As we know, Bryan Cranston escaped having to interact with people while walking through the crowd at Comic-Con to the Breaking Bad panel by wearing a Heisenberg mask. Clever girl. We…   Read Story »
Here are some images from of Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins, and cetera, from Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Did you know Emma Watson is in this movie? I didn't know that, but I feel…   Read Story »
This is a new teaser poster (whatever THAT even means) for the upcoming final season of Breaking Bad about which we are all very excited, I'm sure. As you can see, it features Walter White in his…   Read Story »
Aaron Paul got married this past weekend (not to me). Whatever. David Blaine did magic at the wedding reception. Whatever. There was a ferris wheel, WHATEVER. -UsWeekly Dan Harmon was possibly…   Read Story »
Aaron Paul got customized whiskey bottles for the cast and crew of Breaking Bad. What a sweetheart. -Reddit Who knew Joe Francis, founder of the Girls Gone Wild franchise, was such an awful human…   Read Story »