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Here's the first image from Dumb and Dumber To, which continues to be a movie that will one day exist in real life. -FilmDrunk Jonah Hill SNL promos, you guys. -NBC Quentin Tarantino has…   Read Story »
Listen, the hard truth is that sometimes dreams come true and you just aren't there to experience them. That's life. Somewhere out there someone in a blue shirt, or something -- just some inanimate…   Read Story »
What is the best story you have about being someone's plus one to a party? The story about when you had a few decent interactions with strangers -- I mean, definitely not great, but you got through…   Read Story »
Here's a good prank: When your family is opening gifts on Christmas morning, if your family does that, you tell one of your family members, "For you I have an extra special GIF." They'll say, "What?…   Read Story »
I'm sure we can all relate to feeling like for some reason the world has decided that today, for you, will be a slightly bad day. (Is that broad enough?) A few days ago I stubbed my toe, burned my…   Read Story »
Before we leave to begin our holiday weekends (or our holiday one days, or our holiday no days, but, FINGERS CROSSED, our holiday weekends), let's take a minute to gather around and tell each other…   Read Story »
I've had my own trouble with David Blaine (original member of the Pussy Posse [no apologies]) in the past, when he made me stand out in the rain for no reason, and he certainly has a bad rap because…   Read Story »
Want to watch Vince Gilligan unbox Breaking Bad: The Complete Series? You can! If you want! -/Film Speaking of, the much talked about (by Aaron Paul) video of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reading…   Read Story »
Oh, brother. In a lengthy profile of  Vince Gilligan in the most recent issue of the Hollywood Reporter, Gilligan talks a lot about what it's like to start fresh after finishing a series like…   Read Story »
10-year-old YouTube cover-rapper Matty B (remember?) has just released “Back In Time," a song that is going to be featured on the sountrack of some movie (Free Birds). The big leagues! The Matty…   Read Story »