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Oh man. 50 Cent's new show The Money and the Power premieres on MTV tomorrow night. This is a preview clip (via Nah Right) in which he berates one of the contestants for calling him Curtis…   Read Story »
It's already been well established that 50 Cent's upcoming videogame, Blood on the Sand, is incredible. It's the only game that combines one of the biggest names in hip hop and the War in Iraq. And…   Read Story »
50 Cent's MTV reality show The Money & The Power premiering November 6th at 10PM trailer, you guys: Yeah, people are coming up to 50 Cent every day and asking him for advice. Just walking up. At…   Read Story »
50 Cent wrote, directed, produced, and starred in an upcoming film titled Before I Self Destruct. Yikes. I'm guessing he also edited this trailer (because of how it sucks). (via Vulture) Just…   Read Story »
Dear 50 Cent, When you are going to do a spoof of the NBA Finals ads for the new G Unit album, Terminate on Sight, you should end it on a note that makes people want to buy the album. Either…   Read Story »
It''s cartoon week over in Hip Hopolis. First there was Soulja Boy's animated response video to Ice T (in what has easily become the Second Best Feud of All Time), then there were the 10 Best Fan…   Read Story »
Fan made music videos featuring The Sims aren't exactly new. Electronic Arts kind of blew the lid off of the underground nerd hobby last spring when they had Lilly Allen make a video for "Smile" in…   Read Story »
Um ... just watch this and we'll talk about it after. (via Aziz Is Bored) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The three best things in the world, 50 Cent, video games, and the War in Iraq, all in one?!!!! From…   Read Story »
I was going to post this clip a couple of days ago, but I was worried. On the one hand, it is crazy magical. On the other hand, I wanted my intentions to be clear that I was not making fun of anyone,…   Read Story »