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Oh man. So, you know when you're at a fancy dinner party and two of your fellow fancy dinner party guests get into an argument about something mildly unimportant, but somehow the argument turns way…   Read Story »
Ummm. 50 Cent has added a new character to his Pimpin' Curly series. IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE.COM? Obviously, 50 is doing this because he's a celebrity in the midst of a crumbling career,…   Read Story »
50 Cent has released a second installment in his completely unhinged "Pimpin' Curly" YouTube series in which he puts on a Jerri-Curl wig and acts like he's trying to get elected President of the High…   Read Story »
50 Cent made this video this weekend. He was like "sorry, guys, I can't go to the Grammys, I have to put on a jerri-curl wig and act the fool in a way that is creepy and makes sense to no one, have…   Read Story »
People complain about Sundance now that it's become such a mainstream, Hollywood event. It's just about partying, people say. It's no longer about celebrating independent film, people say. These gift…   Read Story »
This video was posted on yesterday with the title "Kanye West Gets His Style From Gays" and a flashing EXCLUSIVE GIF. Well played, 50 Cent. Total burn. You got the magic zing.…   Read Story »
Reports PopBitch: "50 Cent has been competing on the Turkish version of Deal or No Deal, Varmisin Yokmusun. He spent two days selecting boxes and rapping in between breaks." Forget 21 questions, we…   Read Story »
Wow. This is easily the worst show on television! And there are so many bad shows on there! 50 Cent was wrong yesterday when he said that The Money and the Power was like The Apprentice but the…   Read Story »
Music Video Director: OK, 50, I've got a great idea for your new music video. It's going to be set in the future and you're going to be in, like, this futuristic basement lifting crazy weights. We…   Read Story »
50 Cent's reality show, The Money and the Power, starts on MTV tonight, and I couldn't be more excited. OK, I could be way more excited. It wouldn't take that much, really. If you offered me half a…   Read Story »