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Really? Really, Gun poster? A movie starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer called Gun already sounds bad enough, but this poster is ridiculous. Bad movie name. Bad publicity photo. Bad marketing tagline.…   Read Story »
Wasssssssup! Listen up, dudes who recognize that there is no single definition of masculinity but rather an infinite variation based on each man's personal definition of what it means to him, and…   Read Story »
If you can't make it to tonight's screening of Birdemic, you can at least watch 50 Cent's directorial debut. The point is: yikes. You're tearing me apart, 50!   Read Story »
So, it turns out that when you relaunch a blog, there are unforeseen problems. Such is the case that we are currently trying to untangle our seeming inability to actually post videos, thereby…   Read Story »
50 Cent finally breaks his legendary silence about his relationship with the Internet's Sexman. And more.   Read Story »
At yesterday's premiere of Twilight: New Moon, there were plenty of full-grown adults who made signs expressing their love of the series and their refusal of psychotropic medication. But there were…   Read Story »
Yoa giys shood call this mavie! Yoo cold buy FAMIS! I'm sure this movie is going to be really really good. I don't know who Cuirtis Jackson is, but if it's got "a mall scenes" in it, maels…   Read Story »
50 Cent made another of his impenetrably bizarre vlogs last week (although slightly less impenetrably bizarre than when he wears his Pimpin Curly costume and has nonsensical schizophrenic fights with…   Read Story »
Do you guys remember that neat short-film that was actually a promotion for Phillips TVs? It was a camera fluidly moving through a complicated 3D freeze-frame of a cartoonish high-action bank…   Read Story »
Someone just sent me this apparently new video (for some reason) and I was watching it and realized that I've never seen a 50 Cent video in my life. Is this what they're all like? 50 Cent…   Read Story »