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"I told you that you would have a good time if you just let yourself relax," said Meryl, playfully punching 50 Cent in the arm. "You're right, Mer. Sorry I was such a grump earlier." "50, please, no…   Read Story »
I love when celebs get so deep into the public persona that they have created that they are forced to pretend like they are going to seduce and then raw-dog a 60-year-old snake perfume saleswoman…   Read Story »
00:01 First off all let me just say how excited I am that 50 Cent is getting into the energy drink business. It seems like a very legitimate and very good business and everyone should definitely pump…   Read Story »
Wow. OK! I finally get it. It has taken years and years for the pattern to emerge, but it is clear now that when you put 50 Cent in your movie, it will definitely come out as something else. Because…   Read Story »
50 Cent: rapper, actor, flavored water angel investor, and FUCKING LIAR. From NPR: A Grand Rapids' movie theater rolled out the red carpet Wednesday night to benefit Michigan's burgeoning film…   Read Story »
Do you guys remember the original movie poster for the upcoming 50 Cent & Val Kilmer vehicle, Gun? It was terrible! It featured 50 Cent in front of a white background wearing a puffy vest and a…   Read Story »
There are a couple of problems with this. For one, Keenan seems to really be phoning it in in the Lip Dept. What's going on there, Keenan? That shit lines up with the actual words, like, four times…   Read Story »
"Let me just get this straight: there is a movie starring 50 Cent that he wrote himself called Gun. And this movie has a borderline comedic movie poster. And in this movie, 50 Cent plays a…   Read Story »
You guys, I'm worried about 50 Cent. I think something is wrong with 50 Cent. IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE BLOG? Look at him! This is one of the worst cases of The Machinist Fever that I have seen since…   Read Story »
It would be weird if people DIDN'T have to put up umbrellas to protect themselves from people throwing eggs. The above footage is of a Ukrainian parliamentary session after the government…   Read Story »