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So. Last night's hour-long 100th episode of 30 Rock was weirdly offset by Community's high-theory mockery of flashback clip shows. It is one thing to poke arch-fun at sitcom structures from a…   Read Story »
Listen up, fives, a ten is talking. How about that TV last night, huh? Will Ferrell on The Office! Andy and April getting married on Parks and Recreation! The candy safe on 30 Rock! Something on…   Read Story »
Last night at some fancy thing, Alec Baldwin told Vulture that next season would be the last season of 30 Rock. And then the Internet exploded. But no one actually knows whether this is true or not.…   Read Story »
The most hyped and at least ostensibly anticipated episode of TV last night was Community's Pulp Fiction parody/homage, which is why it was a real coup for The Office to come in with a surprise upset…   Read Story »
I am now two weeks behind on 30 Rock. Great American tragedy! Just kidding, it is called "saving the best for last," look it up on Alta Vista. That doesn't mean you guys can't talk about it. You can…   Read Story »
COMMUNITY: A-. This is my favorite show on TV. Meta, self-aware, and great lines. I wished they hadn’t done that live-camera documentary thing, though. Explainabrag: It’s because it’s become a…   Read Story »
AWWWWWWWW. Don't you guys love Valentine's Day episodes of TV shows?! It's like the Halloween episodes without the wonderful costumes. Neat? Just kidding. Out of all of the annual sitcom holidays,…   Read Story »
OK, well, obviously the Community Dungeons & Dragons episode. I mean, obviously. It's like, ah-no-doy. I think my favorite thing about the episode, besides how it was great, was how much it reminded…   Read Story »
David Brent! Michael Scott! Robert DeNiro at some point? Night of a thousand stars! Although, you can march your movie stars up and down the halls of Dunder Mifflin (or Kabletown) all day long and…   Read Story »
Welcome back, all of our favorite pals! Can't wait for us to go on hilarious adventures together! In the end, I think it's pretty smart that they wait a few weeks after the holidays before starting…   Read Story »