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Oil continues to pour into the ocean at an alarming rate. Honestly, what is happening out there? It's 2010! Why can't we make oil stop pouring out of the fucking ground?! It's ruining everything.…   Read Story »
Enjoy it while you can! TWO MORE YEARS! TWO MORE YEARS! "Bye!" --Earth (1973-2012)   Read Story »
Hi! Sarah Palin sold her reality show. And Nickelodeon has agreed to broadcast the Fred movie. Just giving you an update on what's going on with us. Can't wait for you to get here!   Read Story »
Probably the worst one yet. No, definitely the worst one yet. There is nothing more Christian than a domestic abuser's song about chewing gum, I'm sure. Even the kids don't seem to be enjoying…   Read Story »
Uh. OK. Well, first let's address what this movie did well, like the disappointed parents we are (or at least that I am), recognizing that the negative feedback won't be useful or constructive if it…   Read Story »
Look, the world is going to end in 2012. That's just a FACT. But how does it end? With a bang? With a whimper? With John Cusack driving a limousine off a cargo plane into a chasm filled with lava and…   Read Story »
Did you know that the world will not end in a fiery (and also watery. And also snowy?) Apocalpyse that can only be outrun via limousine in the year 2012? Of course you did. Because everyone knows…   Read Story »
Fair enough. But I Lots Of Love the fact that he is actually calling it 2013. Smart. The Mayans up in Mayan Heaven are like, uh, what?   Read Story »
Adam Lambert, whoever that is, has a music video out now for a song from the 2012 soundtrack called "Time for Miracles." Fair enough! Just because you have a song on the 2012 soundtrack doesn't mean…   Read Story »