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Relationships come and go. It's often impossible to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong. But ultimately it comes down to a lack of desire to make things work. No one is perfect, every couple has…   Read Story »
The first teaser commercial for E!'s upcoming new reality show, Bridalplasty, is here, and it is a powerful reminder that Bridalplasty is definitely going to be THE WORST. I'm not saying there was…   Read Story »
We take an uncharacteristic but momentary break from our ongoing coverage of Underwear Dances to bring you some IMPORTANT NEWS. From Yahoo!: It's a good news/bad news situation for believers in…   Read Story »
After your boyfriend, Andrew Shirvell, took a leave of absence from the Michgan Attorney General's office, you probably never thought you'd find anyone that you could love so much and be so devoted…   Read Story »
Oh great. Now it's all of a sudden gay for a grown man to drink a bunch of juice boxes every day? (Just kidding.) (That has always been very gay.) (Am I right, PARTY BOYZ?) (Thanks for the tip, Mans.)   Read Story »
It has long been believed that the world would end in 2012, but new information suggests that the world might end as early as whenever the fuck this new show called Bridalplasty on E! is coming out.…   Read Story »
One day, people who like Fred are going to be in charge of the world and they're going to ruin it. Just kidding. THERE WILL BE NO WORLD FOR THEM TO RUIN. Phew, that was a close one!   Read Story »
We have a lot of fun with the Dales Peterson and Carlys Fiorina and Tims James of the world. They make such hilariously ridiculous political campaign ads! The 2010 election, with its tea bags and its…   Read Story »
Thank goodness someone gave this guy his "own TV station" in time for him to report on the Earthquake that is going to hit California four months from now. WE ARE GONNA NEED A BIGGER PHEW! (Via…   Read Story »