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Remember Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt? They were on The Hills. One of them has a sad plastic face and the other one has a scary troll face? Well they are on a press tour for their season of…   Read Story »
In years past, we have put together Worst People of the Year lists to accompany our list of the Best People. Well that time is over. Here's the thing: life is short, guys. And lord knows, it is not…   Read Story »
One of our favorite Internet developments this year is the ubiquity of the "Would You Hit It?" headline. I'm sure this is much older than this year. People in caves probably painted pictures of bison…   Read Story »
We have to admit, because it's Christmas (kind of), and Christmas is when you tell the truth (or whatever) -- you guys are much better at GIFs, and much more knowledgable of GIFs, than we could ever…   Read Story »
Chalk up another great year in television! Congratulations to everyone. There were some new good shows, for sure, and plenty of great shows we already know and love. (One show that didn't quite make…   Read Story »
As I was going through this list (this is Gabe, by the way, which I only point out because Kelly wrote some of these movie blurbs, too, but she is not the one talking right this second, and it is…   Read Story »
Well, I guess this is it. OK, that's a bit dramatic. But it's that time of year for egg nog self-reflection (and also egg nog). How was 2012 for you? Did you have a Channing Tatum year that blew away…   Read Story »
Whoa. It is kind of nuts that this is the FIFTH annual Videogum montage of the year's best viral videos. It's a straight up tradition now! I guess it's really true what my motivational poster says,…   Read Story »
Whoa, a brand new Krispy Kreme jam to start off the week?! YGTBKM. Let's make this one count, everybody. #shoutout2denzelwashington   Read Story »
It is a well-known fact that movie-attendance is down because often there just aren't enough people using their cell phones during the screenings. In some theaters, owners even enforce a rule that…   Read Story »