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It was widely noticed and TWEETED on Sunday night that the annual Academy Awards "In Memorium" montage (which is obviously my favorite part of the entire ceremony. It's like the red carpet of…   Read Story »
Well, that was TERRIBLE. Look: I know that I complain a lot, OK? Don't you think I know that? Of course I know that. But despite what you may think, I actually AM capable of enjoying things, and I…   Read Story »
Aren't you guys SOOOO tired after last night's The Oscars? It's crazy how exhausted you can feel after all that ADRENALINE leaves your system. This guy knows what I'm talking about. He won the Moon…   Read Story »
YAY! WE DID IT! We survived another year. Tonight's Oscars are hard-earned, right, you guys? The BP Oil Spill? Egypt? As Amistad said, we are doing cheerleading human pyramids on the shoulders of all…   Read Story »
The 2011 Academy Awards are this Sunday! Yay! We're all going to watch it together, right? You already entered in the Videogum Oscar Pool, right? Good. Now on to the real business: WHO ARE YOU…   Read Story »
Well, you guys, it is almost here, the most wonderful event in the American Dream: the Academy Awards! Obviously, I'm excited about the same thing we're all excited about: THE DRESSESSSSSSS! Who are…   Read Story »
pop_ramblings sent in this link, but frankly I think you guys can do better. So do better.   Read Story »
Check it out, y'all! "I'd Hit That" is coming to the big screen. (See what I did there? You see.) For those of you who aren't familiar with "I'd Hit That", it is a feature I write for MOBFD, the…   Read Story »
You know who should win an Academy Award? ROGER EBERT. The 2011 Academy Awards air Sunday, February 27th!   Read Story »
"It’s something I dreamed about my whole life." -- Hailee Steinfeld talking about her Oscar nomination for True Grit. She is 14 years old.   Read Story »