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Linsanity is what happens to people who watch this video, right? I get it now. LINSANITY! I hadn't seen this video so I didn't get it but now I get it. LINSANE IN THE LINBRAIN! #Sports. (Thanks for…   Read Story »
"Oh thank GOD!" - Someone Somewhere, Maybe   Read Story »
We could LITERALLY debate the merits of Royce G. Garrison's choreography all week. But, I think we can all agree on one thing: that wood paneling is so gay. [bestweekever]   Read Story »
Here is a brief sampling of just a few of the world's (huge) stars who contribute to a lip dub of "Let It Be" (in front of a green-screened beach background) in the 6 minute long video after the…   Read Story »
Between the following video (after the jump) and Tina Fey's 1-900-OK-BANK commercial yesterday, this week has given us plenty of reminders that everyone has some embarrassing skeletons in their…   Read Story »
Apparently, it used to be called Mutual Savings Bank before it changed its name to 1-900-OK-FACE.   Read Story »